Road Captain Cadre
Head Road Captain
Jim Walker
Years Riding: 45
Current Motorcycle: 2007 Ultra Classic
Email: tnoverhead@gmail.com
Phone: 865-805-0435
Assistant Head Road Captain
Tim Rooney
Years Riding: 52
Current Motorcycle: 2017 Road Glide Ultra & 2007 Road King
Email: trooney47@gmail.com
Phone: 865-696-8474
Road Captain - Director
Ron Cooper
Years Riding: 37
Current Motorcycle: 2008 Road Glide
Email: ronjc105@gmail.com
Phone: 865-368-1572
Road Captain - Webmaster
Joe Ball
Years Riding: 17
Current Motorcycle: 2017/2020 Road Glide Special
Email: josephaball@hotmail.com
Phone: 865-405-0274
Road Captain - Safety
Eric Nask
Years Riding: 43
Current Motorcycle: 2014 Electra Glide Ultra
Email: racedemon@gmail.com
Phone: 865-228-6224
Road Captain - Treasurer - Quarter Mistress
Anne Caulfield
Years Riding: 40
Current Motorcycle: 2018 Road King Custom
Email: rbbladyrider61@gmail.com
Phone: 865-321-6522
Road Captain - Membership
Mickie Sampson
Years Riding: 23
Current Motorcycle: 2014 CVO Deluxe
Email: micksoftail@gmail.com
Phone: 301-873-5197
Road Captain - Previous Secertary
Susan Dennis
Years Riding: 19
Current Motorcycle: 2017 VRod
Email: sdtmenace@yahoo.com
Phone: 865-686-2348
Road Captain - Previous Head Road Captain
Larry Dennis
Years Riding: 47
Current Motorcycle: 2018 Street Glide
Email: cb1123@bellsouth.net
Phone: 865-621-5666
Road Captain
Tom Sampson
Years Riding: 34
Current Motorcycle: 2018 Road King Special
Email: freshkeg@gmail.com
Phone: 301-873-0712
Road Captain
Steve Eleton
Years Riding: 52
Current Motorcycle: 2014 Electria Glide Ultra
Email: stevee3209@aol.com
Phone: 513-236-9771
Road Captain
Tammy TJ VanEtten
Years Riding: 4
Current Motorcycle: 2017 Heritage Softtail
Email: ciberbootsie@gmail.com
Phone: 865-414-4957
Road Captain - Activities Officer
Mark Eder
Years Riding: 32
Current Motorcycle: 2014 Ultra Limited / 2017 Road King Special
Email: Meder27@gmail.com
Phone: 518-469-6200
Road Captain
Marty Black
Years Riding: 24
Current Motorcycle: 2019 Ultra Limited
Email: mtblack255@gmail.com
Phone: 865-776-7343
Road Captain
Frank Widmeyer
Years Riding: 46
Current Motorcycle: 2018 Goldwind
Email: Fwidmeyer@gmail.com
Phone: 865-300-7445
Road Captain
Shawn Gallant
Years Riding: 4
Current Motorcycle: 2018 Ultra Limited
Email: jsg@wasco-inc.com
Phone: 865-388-0288
Road Captain - Assistant Director
Steve Pearce
Years Riding: 50
Current Motorcycle: 2019 Ultra Limited, 2013 110th anniversary Sportster
Email: rocrider50@yahoo.com
Phone: 248-921-5323
Road Captain
Tim Mahoney
Years Riding: 10
Current Motorcycle: Road King Classic
Email: tmahoney53@gmail.com
Phone: 865-599-3271
Road Captain
Scott Hotaling
Years Riding: 14
Current Motorcycle: 2017 Ultra Limited
Email: scotthotaling63@yahoo.com
Phone: 518-573-3657
Road Captain
Tina Hotaling
Years Riding: 14
Current Motorcycle: 2015 Ultra Limited Low & 2012 CVO Softail Convertible
Email: blueharleylimited@yahoo.com
Phone: 518-929-0454
Chapter Merchandise and name tags are now available at our Chapter Meetings, the fourth Thursday of each month at 7pm.